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LOGITECH Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800
Rp. 1.350.000 /pcsRp. 1.250.000 /pcsmin. order: 1 pcs

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Hendra Irawan | 16 Apr 2015
Mantap ... sehari brng pesanan sampai, produk & layanan sae .. haturnuhun
Agung | 27 Mar 2015
Baru pertama kirim via pos indonesia kayaknya, jadi yg dikirim ke kami nomer resi, padahal untuk trecking kiriman yg dipakai nomer barcode. Btw.., barang sampai 3 hari karena kita di ujung dunia he....he...sukses selalu untuk \"\"
Ezraroellstoa | 31 Jan 2015
Barang yang saya pesan sudah sampai,,,dari jkt sampai Kupang NTT cuman 1 hari saja,,sukses sllu yah,,ttap mnjdi yang terpercaya,,,God Bless
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Jual MICROSOFT Windows Server Standard 2008 SP2, 32bit/64bit [OEM]
MICROSOFT Windows Server Standard 2008 SP2, 32bit/64bit [OEM]
Kode Produk:  3950
Nama Produk:  MICROSOFT Windows Server Standard 2008 SP2, 32bit/64bit [OEM]
Harga Diskon: Rp. 9.270.100 /pcs
Minimal Order: 1 pcs
Berat: 0.00 kg
Kategori: Software - Microsoft
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Designed to be used specifically as a single purpose Web server, Windows Web Server 2008 delivers on a rock-solid fondation of Web infrastucture capabilities in the next-generation Windows Server 2008. Integrated with the newly re-architected IIS 7.0, ASP.NET, and the Microsoft.NET Framework, Windows Web Server 2008 enables any organization to rapidly deloy Web Pages, Web sites, Web application, and Web services. OEM Software Product Information: This product is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) package, and the licence governing the installation and use may not convey the same rights as a full retail package. OEM product packages may not contain the same printed documentation or bundled software and hardware which forms part of the full retail package. Prospective purchasers should make themselves aware of any such restrictions before purchasing.



  • Windows Server 2008 includes improved Web administration, diagnostics, development, and application tools with Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS 7.0), a major upgrade from IIS 6.0. Windows Server 2008 unifies the Microsoft Web publishing platform, including IIS 7.0, ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows SharePoint Services.  
  • Modular design and installation options allow installation of only the features needed, reducing attack surfaces and making patch management easier.  
  • IIS Manager, a new task-based management interface, plus a new appcmd.exe command-line tool make administration easier.  
  • Cross-site deployment allows you to easily copy web site setting across multiple Web servers without additional configuration.  
  • Delegated administration of applications and sites lets you give control to different parts of the Web Server to those who need it.  
  • Interated Web Server health management with comperhesive diagnostic and troubleshooting tools allow easy visibility and tracking of request running on the Web Server.  
  • Programmatic access to confoguration stores through WM of Microsoft. Web. Administration, a new management API that enables editing the XML configuration files for your Web Server, sites, or applications.  
  • Enhanced application pool isolation keeps sites and applications isolated from each other for greater security and stability.  
  • Fast CGI support to reliably run PHP apps, Perl scripts, and Ruby applications.  
  • Tighter integration with ASP.NET features and one configuration store for all Web Platform configuration settings across IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET.  
  • A flexible extensibility model enables customization such as the addition of new modules using either native or managed code. 



Detail Specifications

Product Name
Windows Server Standard 2008 SP2
License Type OEM System Builders
Media Type DVD
Compatibility PC Windows
Pricing Scheme OEM
Product type Standard
Min. License Quantity 1 user(s)
Min. Processor Speed 1.4GHz Processor (2 GHz or Higher Recommended)
Min. Memory Size 512 MB (2048 MB Recommended)
Min. Harddisk Space 1024 MB
Min. Graphic Size Super VGA (800x600) or higher-resolution monitor
Peripheral Requirements DVD ROM Drive
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